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[IMG]1947 Lincoln.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 57K 
[IMG]1947 Lincoln rear.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 47K 
[IMG]Dan's float.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 56K 
[IMG]Kevin Cook with daughter and cool car.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 50K 
[IMG]Laura and Steve with 225.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 50K 
[IMG]Parade line-up.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 52K 
[IMG]Parade watchers.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 58K 
[IMG]Potwin Band.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 56K 
[IMG]Potwin Drums.jpg2005-07-05 12:23 54K 
[IMG]Sarah and Dave Blakely.jpg2005-07-05 12:24 56K 

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